Introducing our adventureproof kit

Welcome to divide & conker. We're glad you stopped by to take a look at us and our sustainable merino wool base layer clothing, engineered for active, adventurous, awesome people like you.

Our first batch of products have been lovingly made in New Zealand, based in no small part on responses to our recent online survey. A huge number of people told us what they wanted their kit to be like, and we have made it accordingly. We're really proud of what we've created.

Whether it's long johns and crew neck long sleeved for skiing, a zip top for those extra chilly days (or a frosty morning round of golf), t-shirts for the wamer souls, or keeping it all under your hat with our little beanies, we've got you covered. Even in the nether regions with our super-comfy boxers (both men and women cut).

So come and try out our kit and let us know whether you think it's as awesome as we do. And let us know what you're doing in it too! You can email us at feedback@divideandconker.com

Our merino wool base layers work. They're adventureproof.

Can't find what you want here? Find more merino wool base layers on merino-wool.com.

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